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Vida Valiente Foundation Supporting first-generation students through Leadership and Scholarship

Our Purpose

Vida Valiente is all about perseverance, resilience, and the bravery it takes to be the first to dive into uncharted territory. The Vida Valiente Foundation supports first-generation students who have worked hard to get themselves through school, but who could benefit from leadership from role models who grew up in similar low-income backgrounds.  The Foundation pledges to support 25 students a year, for the entire four years of their academic journey. 

The scholars the Foundation supports have a great deal to overcome.  90% of first generation low income students in the United States take over 6 years to graduate. 33% drop out after three years. Between courses, jobs, a lack of leadership, and the sheer overwhelmingness of leaving home for the first time, it is a wonder even 10% of these kids make it.

The Vida Valiente Foundation is equipped to give these students the confidence, grace and skills to convert their proven work ethic into their own success stories. Through four years of leadership and financial scholarships, the Vida Valiente Foundation gives admitted college students unprecedented exposure to professionals who grew up in similar circumstances, all of whom have made brave moves and can open doors to what’s possible.

Leadership Opportunities

It takes both bravery and grace to overcome adversity. We need empathetic leaders to light the way.

The Vida Valiente Foundation is all about paying it forward. The path to success has many peaks and valleys, and a great leader can act as the critical bridge between. For students without inspiring role models, that path may be hidden altogether. By gathering a group of diverse accomplished speakers, our annual off-sites equip hardworking students with the navigational tools they need to reach the path to their dreams. The goal for the leaders we pick to speak is to share their stories in a way that will help expose our scholars to the different paths available to them.  To be selected, we require our leaders to make time at our events not to just stand on stage in speak, but spend time answering questions and getting to know the young adults throughout the day.  Please contact us at for more information.

Our Scholars

Vida Valiente Foundation scholars exude bravery in every step. As first-generation college students from low-income households, these overachievers already have a proven track-record of success – they have surmounted daunting obstacles and adversity to put themselves through school. They hold the key; they just need to find the doors they can unlock.

It’s during this critical transitionary period where hands-on leadership can mean the difference between stasis and success.

Through four years of leadership and financial scholarships, the Vida Valiente Foundation provides admitted college students with exposure to successful professionals whose diverse backgrounds mirror their own. Our scholars are the bravest people we know. With the right coaching, and just a little bit of grace, there’s no stopping what these young adults can achieve.

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